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The agency’s professional duty dictates that it minimizes the harm caused by advertising and paves the way for the activities of other cooperative groups; Of course, to smooth the world with principled, ethical and modern methods.

Mahsa Rad

Rona’s full-service advertising agency should strive to provide marketing consulting services as well as standard content production and convey the audience’s message correctly to your target audience.

Mahdi Amini

Work Steps


The meeting is held in order to solve issues, make decisions, inform, evaluate, express goals and expectations, and get to know each other better.


Prioritizing, setting goals and deciding what to do. Visualization and design of the desired situation in the future, the process of thinking before action.


Implementing all the ideas and plans approved in the previous stages, performing the main task of the team, using all the abilities of the team members, the process of turning thinking into action.


The stage of testing the results of the work and the level of efficiency, checking whether the customer’s wishes and expectations from the team have been implemented or not, the stage where the team’s work is analyzed.


At this stage, the work will be delivered considering all the orders and expectations of the customer, the final stage of the Rona advertising team’s work.

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